Through the COVID-19 crisis, we at JFK Landscape Design are still available for teleconsults and planning through our pro-create computer programs. All we need are photographs of your home and/or site to create wonderful designs you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Welcome to Johanna F. Kuss, Landscape Design, Inc.

Landscape Design in Concord, NH

You may ask yourself: Why should I invest in a professional landscape plan?

The answer is: When you invest in a professional landscape design you increase the value of your home. You enhance the curb appeal of your property and you create visual interest year round.

Johanna F. Kuss, Landscape Design Inc. is a landscape design company that has designed and created award winning landscapes for three decades. The president and owner, Johanna F. Kuss, designs landscapes that reflect her client’s lifestyle and needs.

Johanna’s work has been recognized by the Landscape Contractors Association, Federated Garden Clubs of America, and numerous organizations. She has volunteered her time and services to local, county, and regional businesses, as well as published landscape articles in local, regional, and Landscape magazines.

If you desire to have a landscape Masterplan designed for your entire property, or a custom design for a specific area, Johanna F. Kuss will create a comprehensive plan that will allow you to install or phase your installation, according to your budget.

Johanna will design and install your patio, deck, swimming pool, walk way and your custom project, using professional and experienced contractors. Johanna F. Kuss, Landscape Design Inc. will oversee your custom project from beginning to end. Call 603-856-3391 to get started today!


Landscape Design in Concord, NH

Johanna F. Kuss currently lives in New Hampshire. She owned and operated a design business in Maryland, prior to returning home with her husband to raise their children and care for her mother.

Her philosophy of design is: "A landscape is like a symphony. The individual pieces and elements should work in harmony to create a beautiful and lasting masterpiece."

"My goal is simple. I try to leave a site more beautiful and environmentally sound than I found it. My hope is that my clients develop a relationship with nature. I design functionally correct and artistic landscapes that complement the natural ecosystem."

Ms. Kuss presents design solutions that reflect sensitivity to the environment. She works very closely with clients to implement conservation practices and techniques, without compromising the integrity of her design work. Her projects can be implemented all at once, or phased over time, utilizing hierarchical order.


Johanna F. Kuss, Landscape Design Inc. believes customer service is essential to the success of her projects. Whether the job is large or small, Johanna is present during the installation phase of her designs. She contracts highly skilled professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable. Her dedication to her work, and her leadership on a job site transform her landscape designs into a reality.

The Johanna F. Kuss Philosophy

A landscape is like a symphony. The individual pieces and elements work in harmony to create a beautiful and lasting masterpiece.