Landscape Designs in Concord, NH

Custom Design Work

If you wish to have your landscape designed, restored or renovated, Johanna F. Kuss has extensive horticultural knowledge and civil engineering experience with custom residential, commercial, institutional, municipal, and historical properties. Johanna will custom design your site according to your individual, regional, or corporate needs.

Theme and Specialty Gardens

Johanna has over thirty years of experience in the landscape industry. Her attention to detail with perennial, country, English, and water gardens, reflects her European design influence and background. Her attention to scale, size, color and texture, make Ms. Kuss a leading expert in garden design.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Comprehensive Masterplans
  • Patio and Deck Design
  • Walkway and Wall Design
  • Swimming Pool and Gazebo Design
Historical Restoration Plans
  • Water Gardens
  • Commercial, Municipal, and Residential Foundation Plans

    Commercial and Municipal Services

    If your business property is in need of a new look, or you are in the planning stages of a commercial project, Johanna F. Kuss will design, present, and facilitate your project. She will assess your design guidelines, zoning requirements and manage your project from the conceptual stages to completion.