"Johanna helped us create a design to tie together a sunroom, screened in porch, and outdoor planting and seating area- it was quite an extensive project! She assisted us with design elements in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Johanna was able to work around our need for low maintenance design that would function for our busy family with three active children and two dogs. The plant species and specimens she choose came together to create a very finished and mature look from the day they were put in. We are very pleased with the end result. We did not have a lot of experience to be able to provide Johanna with specific plant names or style preferences, yet she was still able to create a plan that looks very much in keeping with our natural surroundings and house style. It has been a joy to watch the plantings develop from this summer into the fall and we look forward to seeing the area grow in the years to come." - Betsy

"Johanna's design work is executed from paper into a beautiful, harmonious landscape."

"Ms. Kuss knows her trade. She is an artist, plant expert and craftsman all in one." - G.M.

"I worked with Johanna for several years. She helped us budget, phase, and implement her design. We are extremely happy with our yard." - Dr. Gerard

"I've hired a lot of "landscape" people but finally found someone who is really a Landscape Designer/architect. Finally happy with my property." - Barb

"I think Joahnna Kuss is a professional and knowledgeable designer. She didn't try to sell me on her work. She just did it. I would highly recommend her." - JTB

"I love my patio! I love my landscape. It looks like a custom designed landscape. Not like everyone elses yard."

"I didn't know if I'd like the stone wall idea that Johanna designed for us. Now that it is in, I understand what she meant. It frames our yard and breaks up the view to the water. The wall makes our yard look like we have an infinity lake! Love her eye for design and attention to detail." - Chris Aunchman

"Easy to work with, funny and extremely meticulous when it comes to details." - Patty

"Nice new perspective on perennials. European influenced design work and Encyclopedia on plant material. Worth waiting for." - M.Z.

"Customer service, A+: works well with contractors A+: affordable A+."

"As an interior designer, myself, I really enjoyed Jo's approach to her field. She considered views from my kitchen, our master bedroom, and recommended areas to screen for privacy."

"She designed from the inside-out, with careful attention to color, texture and safety. Our black bottom swimming pool looks gorgeous, and I can keep an eye on my kids from my office. Johanna is a consummate professional." - K.D. Interiors

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